Can Jewellery Heal? The Founders of ZenLife Creations Say Yes

We often think about jewellery primarily as a way to accessorise an outfit. Sometimes, we use it to say something about ourselves or to identify with a particular group. But have you ever thought about using jewellery for healing or stress relief? Ronald Als and Vanessa Evelyn have and that’s how they came to form […]

Kimmystic Clo, Kimon Baptiste-St Rose

How to Find Shorts Which Flatter You

Shopping for shorts can be difficult if you really want a pair which flatters your body. It’s even more frustrating and time-consuming when you’re not entirely sure what you’re looking for. Feel free to experiment with different styles but if you want some quick tips, I got you! For some ideas on how to style […]

7 Ways to Feel Comfortable in Shorts

Warmer weather means it’s short pants season even if you’re in the Caribbean where we don’t have drastic temperature changes. While some women would wear them comfortably and confidently everywhere, others feel a little self-conscious. Maybe you feel too naked in short pants or you feel like they aren’t really your style. Whatever the reason […]

Where to Shop for Local Clothing and Accessories in Barbados

I have a plan to buy more local clothing and accessories this year. More local everything actually. I keep discovering new soaps, hair products, fragrances, shoes and other products Barbadians are making. I see them experimenting with formulations, improving packaging and making it easier for us to stop buying so many things from over and […]

5 Ways to Style A Simple All-Black Outfit

There’s a lot you can do with an all-black outfit. I’ve often preached about making the most out of your wardrobe instead of constantly buying new things when you’re stuck in a style rut. That’s because few of us are truly taking advantage of the clothing and accessories we already own. Here’s the thing, though. […]

What a Casual Dress Code Doesn’t Mean

Browsing through the newspaper, I came across a workshop for teenagers which stated the dress code was “decently casual”. It’s not a term I’ve seen often but it was immediately clear to me why the distinction was made. Most 13-year-olds don’t have business or business casual wear and the organisers wouldn’t want to put a […]

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