Let’s Get to Know Cherise Ashby of Cher Designs

Designer Cherise Ashby (left) and model Alisa Ince.

Cherise Ashby is a fashion designer, artist and fitness competitor and she has been creating in one capacity or another since she was a child. Like most little girls who catch the fashion bug, her dolls were her first clients. At age six or seven, she outfitted them in clothing made from her old church socks.

This love for fashion continued into her teenage years.  At Deighton Griffith Secondary School, she studied Clothing & Textiles and Art up to CXC CSEC level and received Grade 2s. After that, she went on to pursue associate degrees in Fine Art and Fashion Design at Barbados Community College.

With this obvious love for fashion and art, it’s no surprise that Cherise launched her first business Cher Accessories in 2011.

“This started because I had just started Barbados Community College and hair accessories were coming into style. However, I found nothing I liked so I decided to make them on my own. That is when I said I could make them and sell,” she tells InMyWardrobe.

Cher Designs
Cherise Ashby

Five years later, Cherise launched Cher Designs. This is the brand under which she currently offers clothing, accessories like flower crowns and bow ties, and prints on clothing, sashes and throw pillows. She is perhaps best known for her swimwear, but she also makes casual and semi-formal clothing and she gets her inspiration from nature and 20s and 80s fashion.

What’s a day like in Cherise’s Life?

A typical day for me is going to the gym in the morning, coming home and working through the day whether sewing, advertising, marketing, consultations or creating something new. I do this and watch television series or listen to music.

Cherise takes pride in satisfying her clients.

“Seeing smiles on their faces warms my heart and drives me to push more because they believe in me. I am very proud of how far my business has grown. When I started, I never expected it to even be still in operation. I have more plans in the working but I’m just waiting on God’s timing,” she says.

While she doesn’t look up to a particular fashion designer, she is a big fan of Jennifer Lopez.

 “I am amazed at how talented she is in the music, fashion and entertainment industries along with being a mother and soon to be wife,” she says.

In the long term, Cherise wants to travel the world with her brand and showcase her work at fashion shows. And she doesn’t just want one store but possibly “a few stores worldwide”. For this young entrepreneur, “life is limitless”.

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