Here’s What I Like About the Fenty Fashion Line

Fenty clothing

Rihanna doesn’t do anything halfway. When news broke that she was partnering with LVMH to launch her Fenty fashion line I was excited.

Now I knew it would be a luxury brand so I wasn’t expecting to be able to afford anything. However, I expected pieces that were interesting to look at and outfits that could serve as inspiration. That’s exactly what RiRi served up.

There are structured shoulders, cinched waists, oversized jackets and corset dresses that show off legs for days. I’m here for it all!

Notably, there are few prints available so far; just a couple pieces in subtle stripes. This collection is all about unusual silhouettes which are still wearable.

Sure, the suit jacket comes with a fanny pack but you can detach it if that doesn’t work for you. Basic button-up shirts get an update with pointy hems and puffy sleeves. The corset dresses feature a cool curved cutout on the hem.

The collection also includes caps, mask sunglasses, sexy strappy sandals, and earrings, ear cuffs and bracelets.

Everything is exaggerated yet nothing seems overdone.

With all that being said, here are some of my favourites. Drop a line in the comments with your thoughts!

Fenty Faves

by Inmywardrobebarbados

Natasha Beckles

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