Can Jewellery Heal? The Founders of ZenLife Creations Say Yes

We often think about jewellery primarily as a way to accessorise an outfit. Sometimes, we use it to say something about ourselves or to identify with a particular group.

But have you ever thought about using jewellery for healing or stress relief? Ronald Als and Vanessa Evelyn have and that’s how they came to form ZenLife Creations which offers a wide variety of gemstone jewellery as well as crystals and smudging tools like sage and palo santo.

The business was launched in May 2018. Ronald says it started after a conversation with Vanessa about positively impacting people’s lives by using gemstones.

“The crystals had made an impact on both our lives and we thought it’d be awesome to share that with everyone in some way. Approximately two to three days later, the idea hit me like an angry Bajan mother’s cou cou stick and we decided to make it a reality.

“We saw that beaded bracelets had become a fad and noticed that in some cases, they were being made not just with plastic, glass and clay beads, but with gemstone beads. People had no idea what they were or how they could affect their lives,” he explains.

Vanessa and Ronald decided it was to perfect time to educate others about the stones and “the healing benefits of the energy they carry”.

So just what are these benefits? Ronald says they are “endless and largely relative”.

“There are physical healing benefits for people with blood problems, joint pains, and other illnesses. The stones are good for stress relief, dealing with emotional problems, clearing blockages and blocking negative energy.
The list can go on and on,” he says.

Several Benefits to Gemstones

Ronald says the results manifest themselves in different ways.

In many cases, others notice the change before the person wearing the crystals does but in almost every case, we get reports of positive changes [after people have] used the stones for a particular problem. Personally, I have definitely seen a difference in myself since I began working with my crystals.

Ronald and Vanessa started out making bracelets but moved on to include rings, earrings, necklaces, beaded chains, waist beads, anklets, and keyrings. The necklaces have become the most popular.

“Our pendants have been able to stand apart from other persons’ in the market and I believe that’s why the demand is so high for them,” Ronald says.

If you’re wondering how if you need to take special care of these pieces of jewellery, this is what Ronald advises.

“Jewellery care will vary from piece to piece. So for example, a lot of the material available in Barbados will tarnish over time so it’s best if using those kinds of material to stay away from excess water and sweat while wearing the jewelry. Persons have indicated that they won’t be taking them off and so I’d use materials that won’t tarnish over time and so far that seems to be working well. We are looking at higher quality materials now so that we can deliver higher quality products every time.”

Inspired by Nature

Ronald said most of the inspiration for his designs comes from nature and intuition.

“I say that because most times my creative juices flow heavily after a meditation session with nature, an excursion, or just looking at nature. There are also a few wire workers abroad that I draw inspiration from,” he tells InMyWardrobe. 

The self-taught craftsman says what he loves most about ZenLife Creations is that it gives him an opportunity to meet different people from all walks of life and later, hear their testimonies about how the crystals helped them.

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“Ultimately, knowing that I’ve positively impacted another’s life is one of the most gratifying things about what I do,” he says.

In the future, Ronald wants to have a physical store and have ZenLife Creations in popular outlets.

“I aim to become the Pandora of gemstone jewelry in Barbados and the region,” he says.

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