Eco-Friendly Artistry at Ayissa Textile Designs

Nothing goes to waste at Ayissa Textile Designs.

It’s not a forced attempt at recycling in response to increased conversations about green living. Rather, it’s simply a reflection of the way Ayissa Burnett and her family live on a daily basis.

What began as a way to be self-sufficient has blossomed into what you can see today in Shop #8 at Pelican Craft Village.

You’ll find an extensive range of products including clothing, bags, jewellery, home decor and souvenirs. All the textiles are hand-dyed and each item handmade.  

Expect tie-dyed clothing, throw cushions, coasters and table runners in a range of vibrant colours. Admire expertly-crafted birdfeeders and wall hangings made from calabash gourds as well as one-of-a-kind earrings and necklaces. You’ll even find magnets, keychains and bookmarks.

Ayissa Textile Designs is a family business which demonstrates sustainability in action. In 2015, the operation became a Certified Green Business as part of a Future Centre Trust initiative.

It’s not surprising since the Burnett family makes a point of reusing and repurposing as many things as possible. They also grow and harvest their own calabashes.

“The excess dyes, what is left from the textiles, we don’t throw away. Even in terms of the dyeing process, we add to whatever products we have made. We don’t throw them away or throw out and start fresh. We keep adding, so we could have the fixative for the dyes running for months,” Ayissa says.

Excess dyes are used to colour the calabash gourds. Leftover fabrics go towards necklaces, braided belts or strings for the wall hangings. Even the pieces of calabash from the bird feeders find new life on bags or necklaces.

Everything has a purpose at Ayissa Textile Designs and you can be sure no two pieces are alike.

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  1. Awesome tie-dyed clothing and throw cushions. Must pay them a visit! Barbados has lots of talent!

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