Barbadian Designer and Photographer Receive International Awards

The year has started on a high note for two Barbadians in the fashion industry.

Designer Rotchelle Parris of Pink Lemonade by Rotchelle Parris and photographer Daniel Boyce of RIADA Imaging Studio have received 2019 Caribbean Style and Culture Awards.

The Caribbean Style and Culture Awards and Fashion Showcase takes place in Washington, D.C. every June which is Caribbean American Heritage Month. The event, which is in its tenth year, was conceptualised by Karib Nation Inc., a non-profit organisation based in the DMV metro area.

Rotchelle is the recipient of the Award of Excellence – Fashion Innovation while Daniel has won the Fashion Photography Award. This is the first year CSC has recognised fashion photographers.

CSC Award ‘opportunity for networking’

Rotchelle, who has been designing for nine years, told InMyWardrobe she was excited about receiving the award. She will be creating a new collection for the show and it will be her second time showing outside of the Caribbean.

“I’m looking forward to the opportunities for networking and meeting different people,” she says.

Rotchelle recently provided part of the wardrobe for Miss Universe Barbados Meghan Theobalds and she says she views all these international opportunities as stepping stones in building her portfolio.

Asked what she thought was responsible for her success thus far, Rotchelle said “keeping at it”, pointing out the importance of working even when you don’t feel like it.

Meanwhile, Daniel told InMyWardrobe it felt good to be recognised for something he was passionate about and had put a lot of work into.

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Asked whether he thought the award would make Barbadians take photography and the creative arts more seriously, he had this to say: “Hopefully it allows persons to understand you aren’t limited by your environment. We live in an age now where it’s a lot easier for persons internationally to see your work.”

Daniel has been a professional photographer for two years but he has enjoyed taking photos since he was given a Kodak camera as a child.

But why fashion photography?

“I love the fashion and beauty industry almost to an obsession (LOL). I really love how the varying ways we adorn our clothes and wear our makeup shape persons’ views on us and our place in society. Then I like to use photography to break or enhance those conceptions, depending on the project,” Daniel says.

Congratulations to them both!

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