Satadaze: Crochet Designs for Island Living

Today we feature Natalie Eastmond of Satadaze, a Barbadian crochet, resort, and festival wear brand.

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Natalie Eastmond (top left) with some of her crochet designs.

After the birth of my first son I became a stay-at-home mom and then two years later I welcomed my second son. Neither were fussy babies so I ended up with a lot of free time andI did crochet to get me through the days.

After my second son, the burning desire to be more than just a stay-at-home mom tugged at me. I wanted to have a profession, leave a legacy for my sons and be someone they andmyself would be proud of.

I decided to return to the work scene until I figured out what I would do and then ironically, interest in purchasing my designs started to increase. It then dawned on me that designing crochet apparel could be my calling.

The Birth of Satadaze

I kept the 9-5 job to help support my new career as a designer and officially launched Satadaze on October 29, 2017. 

Every Saturday I would take my sons to visit their grandparents and that would allow me to fully dedicate that day to creating my designs. So, when it came time for choosing a name for the business, I wanted something with a Bajan feeling.

I decided to go with using the Bajan pronunciation of the word Saturdays: Satadaze.

I was taught to make crochet home decor items as a child by my mother during school breaks but Ionly attempted doing crochet clothing in 2015.

I’ve actually never studied design. However, I have done and continue to do plenty of research pertaining to different crochet stitches and techniques as well as garment shaping. Most of my designs are free-handed without patterns.

A Brand for Women of Every Size

Right now, I offer swimwear, tops, bottoms, skirt sets, pants sets, rompers and dresses in every size. Satadaze welcomes every shape.

Eventually, I would like to add more to the brand’s line up as I thoroughly enjoy crocheting and I am always up for a challenge.

I pull my inspiration from the atmosphere around me. In my eyes island life is the best life. When I think of Barbados, happiness and the relaxed way of living come to mind and I like to express this through my designs. I aim to create designs that bring joy and feel effortless to wear.

As a relatively new brand and having only celebrated one year in business recently, every achievement is celebrated. However, successfully showcasing three crochet collections so far and having one of my pieces featured in the Easy Magazine takes the cake for me. Still, I welcome and await many more achievements.

Crochet clothing has become quite popular in Barbados.  I focus on offering a high level of service to set my brand apart. To me, it’s not just about a sale but creating an experience for my client.

Also, I concentrate on producing distinctive, beautiful and timeless crochet pieces. Apart from my work ethic, I specialise in designing one of a kind pieces, I believe everybody should own something unique that nobody else has.

In 5 years, I want to have a studio of my own where I can showcase a wide variety of designs. I also want to become regionally and eventually, internationally known. 

To get a beautiful Satadaze design in your wardrobe, I can be contacted via Instagramemail or 246-238-0854.

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