Original Stush to Launch Caribbean Resort Line

Guyanese designer Carlos Anthony is set to make a big return to the Caribbean after several years on the New York fashion scene. The head designer of Original Stush will be launching a brand specifically for the region.

The luxury resort line will be manufactured in Guyana and Barbados will be the distribution hub. From here, Original Stush will be sent throughout the Caribbean.

carlos anthony
Carlos Anthony, head designer of Original Stush.

Original Stush Caribbean will be launched in Barbados on December 9, 2018, during the Pose Fashion Show hosted by Emerald Model Management.

Speaking during an interview with InMyWardrobe, Carlos said the brand was always supposed to be a Caribbean brand but it was hard to break out in this part of the world.

From Tailor to Fashion Designer

Carlos started out as a tailor in Guyana around the age of 17. He didn’t envision that he would become a designer until he got a little push.

“One of my friends came back from the US and he was a designer in New York [Horace Carter of Gold Teeth Designs]. He was like ‘you need to start designing. Don’t follow the regular stuff. Change up the stuff and do it a little different’. And from that day on, it totally changed me.

Carlos started to create original designs and create clothing that was out of the ordinary.

Unfortunately, his business didn’t take off in the region and he took a break for about ten years.

However, a visit to New York’s Fashion District in 2009 showed him how seriously fashion was being taken internationally.  His first showing in the Big Apple was at Bikini Under the Bridge and the response spurred him on.

Next came his first showing at New York Fashion Week. The feedback was so encouraging that he finally began to see himself as a real designer.

Original Stush: A Caribbean Production

Original Stush New York focuses on high fashion and red carpet looks but the Caribbean operation will revolve around one of a kind, luxury swimwear for events like cruises and pool parties. There will also be T-shirts for the guys.

Carlos explained how the production process will go:

Fromthe time the sample is finished, it’s sent to Guyana and Guyana is gonna bedoing the manufacturing. It will come back here for photoshoots, lookbooks andstuff like that. Most of that will be done in Barbados; some will be done in Guyana.The distribution centre is going to be in Barbados.

Carlos expects that he will have to do a lot of promotion in the region since people here “are not that fashion conscious as yet”.

“Persons are scared to be different, even the designers. They’re just scared to step out of the box so that has been a big challenge for me. It’s a whole process of enlightening and pushing a lot more than we do in New York,” he says.

Despite the challenges, Carlos is determined to take OriginalStush from Guyana and Barbados to The Bahamas and all the territories inbetween.

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