Her Diadem: Headbands by Anika Collymore-Taylor

Anika Collymore-Taylor is an attorney-at-law who is exploring her creative side.

On October 1, 2018, she launched Her Diadem, a line of headbands which she plans to expand soon.

The idea for the business came in late July after she big-chopped.

Anika Collymore-Taylor

“At some point after cutting my hair, it reached what people call the awkward length where it was no longer a TWA (teeny weeny afro), and I struggled to find ways to style my hair, but the one thing that was a huge help was a good headband. However, it was difficult to find a headband which was sold in a colour I wanted, the style I wanted, the stretch I needed and the sturdiness I needed,” Anika recalls.

One day she was looking at a headband she’d bought which wasn’t fitting right and didn’t go with the colours in her wardrobe.

“I just thought to myself ‘I could make my own headbands and I’m sure that there are other persons out there who will love to have the freedom of choosing a headband which suits their needs directly,'” Anika says.

Her Diadem currently offers headbands in various styles including bows, turbans and options specific for up-dos. Her preferred fabrics being knits and spandex, Anika also does custom orders.

Designing the headbands offered the attorney a chance to take her mind off law.

Her Diadem a Result of Creative Streak

Anika always had a love for fashion and design. Her mother is a seamstress and Anika developed a talent for sewing and design at a young age. This led her to study Clothing and Textiles and Art up to CXC level at secondary school.

“On the surface, the headbands may look like an average headband but within each style is a unique innovation to get the desired look to keep form and maintain stretch as well as comfort,” she says.

Anika says her headband are for women with any type of hair or even no hair at all. She plans to launch options for babies and young girls and expand her offering to include headwraps, bows and other hair accessories. She also wants to design clothing and launch a website featuring her products.

Her Diadem headbands can be purchased by visiting shopherdiadem246 on Instagram or emailing herdiadem@gmail.com.

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