A Chat With Kaynel Hurdle of Klutch Appeal

It’s obvious we have tons of design talent in Barbados. All you have to do is browse Instagram or Facebook and you’ll see clothing, handbags and jewellery that make it extremely easy to get on board the #buylocal and #supportsmallbusiness movements.

One of those brands is Klutch Appeal, a relatively new brand of handmade bags that I just love to see pop up in my feed.  Owner Kaynel Hurdle gave me some insight into her work and her plans for the future during a recent virtual chat. Listen in!

Kaynel Hurdle, owner of Klutch Appeal.

1. How long has Klutch Appeal been around and what prompted you to start the business?

Klutch Appeal has been around from June 2016, however, I have been doing bags for about 3 years. I started off by doing a cosmetic bag for myself, showed to a friend/coworker and it went from there to doing a batch for almost all the ladies in the office I was working at. From then, I had been urged to make it an official business especially by my roommate and close friend.

2. What inspires you?

I am inspired by determination and discipline, and other creative persons following their dreams wholeheartedly.

Klutch Appeal

3. What types of materials do you most like to work with?

I enjoy working with denim and cotton and acrylic paints for my hand painted designs.

4. Do you generally do multiple bags with the same design or is everything a one-off?

I do a design and share it, from there items are on a made to order basis until printed fabric is no longer in stock or I wish to discontinue the design for painted items. I try to keep painted items as one of a kind however I am able to reproduce some similar designs.

 Klutch Appeal

5. Who is your typical customer?

I cater for the lady who is after something unique and personalized. I also cater to the person who loves handcrafted items with a modern style.

So who is Kaynel?

6. Tell me a bit about yourself. Are you trained in art or design?

I am self-trained in sewing and also painting. These are things I have always enjoyed doing from childhood and I do research when I want to enhance my skills. I also work with a friend who is a designer and she assists with painting and offering creative input for some of the more detailed designs I offer.

7. How does your personal style influence your designs?

I like pieces that are multifunctional and stylish and can be worn with multiple outfits as I also like to mix and match. I love color and my personal style is a bit on the bohemian side 🙂

8. Where can we find your products?

I currently offer collection from my home close to Oistins and have a few items available from Dare to Bare in St. George. I usually do not keep items on-hand as they are done on a made to order basis. I may have samples for viewing only, however, these would be items awaiting collection.

9. What else can we expect from Klutch Appeal in the future?

I have made a few connections and looking to work on pairing my items with some other creative persons like myself so look out for some exciting collaborations next year.

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