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I always get excited when I hear about pop-up shopping events. Stores are great and all but pop-up shops are more social and often more fun. Plus there are often bargains to be had. So when Malou Morgan reached out to me about this Pop-up flea market concept, I knew I had to share it with you. Fleas on Fleek comes off on Saturday April 16 at Ventnor Gardens, Hastings, Christ Church.

(By the way, Malou is also a travel and lifestyle blogger and you can find her at Skip to Malou.)

Sit in on our virtual chat.

InMyWardrobe: Tell me a bit about Fleas on Fleek and what led you to the idea (and the name).

Malou Morgan: Every few months, I like to sort through my clothes and either donate them, give them away to friends or try to sell them to concession groups. I recently read about a Canadian fashion blogger who threw a ‘clothing sale’ with a fellow fashion blogger and managed to get rid of a tonne of her stuff. I’m not a fashionista by any means, but a lot of my friends are, so I figured I could try out something similar.

I also wanted to try ‘swapping’, so I combined the two concepts of a flea market style setup with swapping.

I reached out to a group of 10 friends and pitched this idea to them:

The concept is simple:

1.) Sort through your closet and take out the things you no longer wear/have never worn/don’t fit anymore. The items need to be in clean, good condition. Be fair and ask yourself if it’s something that you would pay for.

2.) Price your items, keeping in mind that this is a flea market concept. Tops for $5-$10, Dresses around $20-$30, that sort of thing. Branding is important, but the aim is really to get rid of your stuff! You can just tag them using tape and a marker.

3.) We pick a central location where we bring our stuff. Our location will determine how we display the stuff. We can either tie ropes and just hang out stuff on hangers, or we can perhaps just fold everything on tables. I want to make it a female friendly environment, so it needs to be inviting.

4.) We market: Online! It will be an event marketed to women. I think it will be pretty easy to gain interest amongst our friends and their extended circles.

4.) We swap! Have a look at some of the stuff available and see if you can swap things that you like. This is where the pricing comes in, because you can simply swap or barter items that are in the same price range. This is sort of like a private viewing before we ‘open’ up to other people.

5.) We sell! Once we have swapped items for about an hour amongst ourselves, other people are invited to come to the ‘sale’ and buy our stuff from us.

The name ‘Fleas on Fleek’ is just a play on the word ‘Fleek’ which is the ‘quality of being perfect, or on point.’ A ‘Flea’ is someone who either buys or sells from flea markets. That last bit is totally made up, but “Fleas on Fleek’ has a quirky, fun ring to it!

Fleas on Fleek (3)

IMW:  What kind of clothing can we expect to find?

MM: We like to call it ‘Pre-loved’ items that are in great condition. There are also some items that have never been worn! Most of the girls in this group have either travelled or bought their clothing online. These ladies are professional and fun loving, so you are likely to find a bit of everything; party outfits, professional clothing, swimsuits, shoes and accessories.

IMW: Tell me a bit about the atmosphere you’re hoping to create?

MM: The Fleas event is strictly targeted at women – I would like to create a space where women can feel comfortable and at ease and hopefully pick up some items that excite them, at a great price. The second goal is to create an environment where women can meet new women, have a good time together and make connections that will continue on after the event.

Fleas on Fleek (2)

IMW: I notice that surplus items will going to a charity. Can you say which charity? Why was the component included?

MM: I think it’s important for everyone to be conscious of our consumerism, especially in such a small island. Not only did I want to avoid having these items end up in the landfill, but I would also like to draw attention to the ways in which people can donate their items to charities in Barbados.

For this event, I would like to offer the items to Jabez House – an organisation that provides vocational training and entrepreneurial opportunities to female sex workers in Barbados. They do amazing work and professional clothing and accessories are very useful to the ladies who are entering the corporate workforce for the first time.

IMW: Is it going to a regular event?

MM: Yes, hopefully!

This is still in baby phases, but I hope that Fleas can eventually become a regular event. The idea is that those who attend this event are invited to sign up to participate in the next event, so that we have a ‘new’ group of ladies.

I’ll be there and I hope to see some of you ladies!

Natasha Beckles

Natasha Beckles is a freelance copyeditor, writer and content creator. She has over a decade's experience in both traditional and online media. In addition to blogging about fashion and travel, she uses the written word to help brands and individuals tell their unique stories.

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