Uniform Dressing: Your Style Solution?

I consider myself extremely fortunate that I don’t have to wear uniforms at work. I always tell people it would kill my creativity if I had to wear the same thing everyday. Still, I get that some people  prefer the predictability that comes with wearing a uniform. I was chatting with a co-worker the other day and she told me she didn’t want the hassle of having to put together an outfit everyday.  If you’re like her, but still want to be stylish, this post is for you.

While I hate the concept of uniforms, I like the idea of uniform dressing. Basically you create your own uniform. Fill your wardrobe with flattering pieces that you wouldn’t mind wearing everyday. You can stick to certain colours that can easily mix and match or fill your wardrobe with similar silhouettes in varied colours. The idea is to make choosing an outfit as simple as possible. If you  know well in advance how all the elements in your wardrobe work together, that’s half the battle.

chambray peplum top and window pane skirt, uniform dressing

That’s on the practical side. Uniform dressing is also great for personal branding especially if you’re often in the public eye. It  ensures that you showcase a distinctive personal style and people know what they can expect when they see you. Tailored suits, pencil skirts and blouses with feminine details or bold printed dresses make for good “uniforms”. Just choose what works best for your industry and daily activities.

Green top and leopard print pants, uniform dressing

I like playing with my outfits too much to stick to uniform dressing but I do have clothes that I know will work together easily in a pinch. I like to pair tops that have some sort of flare (especially peplum) with pencil skirts or  pants. If I had to wear something everyday, it would be peplum. (If you’re one of my frequent readers, you already know this.)

If you want to devise your own uniform, think about what you wouldn’t mind wearing everyday and start to build your wardrobe around it. If you need help, feel free to drop a comment below!

Natasha Beckles

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