Fashion in Five February 7, 2016

Happy Sunday! Here are this week’s links.

Fashion in Five new

1. Many of us tend to find one cut of jeans we like and then stick to it. Not Kendall Jenner though. Here’s how she makes a variety of styles work for her via In Style.

2. Wanna rock a sheer blouse without looking tacky? PureWow has some ideas.

3. As you know, Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. Whether you’re celebrating as part of a couple or just chilling with friends (that’s totally a do), Glamour has some outfit ideas from fashion bloggers.

4. If you’re all coupled up, you may be interested to hear what guys would like to see you wearing. You defintely don’t have to follow their advice but hear them  out in The Zoe Report.

5. One girl took the bold step of allowing her boyfriend to dress her for a whole week. Hear both their sides in this piece from Buzzfeed.

I hope you found these useful. See you again next Sunday!


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