Fashion in Five November 29, 2015

Fashion in Five

It’s hard to believe November is on its way out already when I’m certain the year just started.Soon it’ll be holiday party time and I hope to be able to bring you some tips to make getting ready just a bit easier.

In the meantime, here are this weekend’s Fashion in Five links:

  1. If you have a short torso and you’re not sure which styles suit you best, WhoWhatWear has some advice.
  2. Rihanna is launching a styling, hair and makeup agency. Get the deets from The Hollywood Reporter.
  3. Vogue looks at 5 Jamaican model who have had a major impact on fashion.
  4. Fashionista talks about how America’s top morning TV anchors get dressed.
  5. Man Repeller has some tips for avoiding a sample sale fail but they apply for general shopping as well.

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