Four Stylish Alternatives to Flip-Flops

Let me say upfront that I’m not a fan of flip-flops or slippers as we say in Barbados.  Probably because I’m not overly casual in my style. But if casual is your thing and you like cute slippers, wear them. Just don’t wear them with office attire!

A few weeks ago I was walking through Bridgetown and came across this older woman who was obviously dressed for work in a jacket and pencil skirt. But then she was wearing slippers, a pair that had obviously seen better days. That is a sure way to kill an otherwise acceptable outfit.

I get the need for comfortable shoes if you’re on your way to work or running an errand during your lunch break.  In fact, I don’t put on my heels until I reach the office but skimpy shoes with professional attire is a no-no for me. Luckily, there are options and this post highlights four.


If you don’t want your feet fully enclosed, slingbacks are great since they offer some coverage while allowing your feet to breathe.  


If you really aren’t about straps, a pair of classy mules is a good idea. I especially like them with pants.

D’orsay Flats

Pointy toe d’orsay flats are also polished but unlike the regular ballet flat, they have cut-out sides, making them perfect for those who don’t like their feet fully enclosed. 

Foldable Ballet Flats

Foldable flats are perfect in a pinch. Roll them up, throw them in your bag or leave them in your desk drawer or car and you’ll always be ready for quick errands.

Call me petty but there’s really no need to wear flip-flops with an office outfit!

Natasha Beckles

Natasha Beckles is a freelance copyeditor, writer and content creator. She has over a decade's experience in both traditional and online media. In addition to blogging about fashion and travel, she uses the written word to help brands and individuals tell their unique stories.

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