Fashion in Five November 7, 2015

Hey everyone! Here are today’s links.

Fashion in Five

1. Bloglovin’ Fashion shares ten ways to make casual looks interesting.

2. The H&M and Balmain collab went on sale this week and caused quite a bit of chaos both online and in stores. The New York Times tells us what happened in London.

3. Do you think white women should wear their hair in cornrows? Do you think it’s the hair equivalent of blackface? What ever your view, check out this  piece also from the New York Times.

4. Robin Givhan, Pulitzer Prize winning fashion editor for The Washington Post, explains how fashion in the world of politics has evolved over the years in this audio clip on The Take Away.

5.  And if you’re looking for some style inpiration, here are four women you need to follow on Snapchat via College Fashion.

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