Outfit Post: Burgundy Peplum Top and Black/White Window Pane Print Skirt

Burgundy peplum top (5)

I hardly ever leave the house wearing an outfit in which I’m not comfortable.  I usually think carefully about what I’m going to buy and I do several mirror checks before I leave home to make sure everything is where it’s supposed to be. So you can say I’m usually quite happy with my outfits. But still, there are some looks that are more “me” than others and they usually include dresses or skirts. When I want to feel “different”, that’s when I wear pants. (And if I had to choose, I would only wear Old Navy pixie pants.)

Burgundy peplum top (6)

Peplum is one my favourite details on a top, dress or even skirt. I would comfortably wear it everyday. No lie! That’s why this outfit  I chose for my first day back at work after vacation was so perfect to me. It was simple, classically me and the colours allowed me to have to some fun.

burgundy peplum top

Experimenting with style is great and even necessary, but once you’ve found what you’re comfortable  with, there’s nothing wrong with building your wardrobe around key pieces. Then you can throw in some more unusual pieces for days you feel like being more creative.

burgundy peplum top 7

Do you have a go-to outfit formula?

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