Shop: Fall Trends Perfect for Warmer Climates 2015

I’m probably one of the few Caribbean people who likes to travel when it’s chilly. It may be weird but I just prefer getting dressed for temperatures below 20 degrees Celcius. Boots, gloves, scarves, dressing in layers . . . I love it all!

It’s therefore no surprise that I love Fall fashion. If you also love the season but struggle to make it work in the Caribbean or other warm climates,  you’ll be happy to note that many of this year’s trends transcend temperature.  (Looking at you, A-line miniskirts!) This year’s hot picks also include fringe, flared pants, block heels and shift dresses.  Add darker lip and nail colours and you’re set wherever in the world you are.

A-line Mini Skirts

A-line Miniskirts


Topshop mini skirt

River Island khaki skirt

Topshop women skirt
$46 –

River Island blue skirt

Sportmax brown skirt
$120 –

Short skirt

River Island brown skirt

Fringe everything!


Plus size cami
$28 –

Glamorous tan pencil skirt
$40 –

Topshop brown handbag
$41 –

Mixed metal jewelry
$37 –
Block heeled sandals

Block-heeled sandals


Summer sandals
$56 –

Nly Shoes ankle strap sandals
$43 –

Dune gladiator sandals
$115 –

Topshop sandals
$105 –
Flared jeans and pants

Flared jeans and pants


MANGO high waisted wide leg pants
$61 –

MANGO flared pants
$92 –

Flared pants
$15 –

Warehouse flare trousers
$64 –

Lined blue jeans

Shift dresses

Shift dresses


Miss Selfridge dress

Evening dress
$38 –

M Co evening dress
$60 –

Dorothy Perkins shift dress

Dorothy Perkins shift dress
$37 –

Summer dress

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