Fashion in Five July 4, 2015

Fashion in Five

We took a break last week but we’re back with Fashion in Five. Here are today’s links:

1. Latoya Daniel talks to BimROCK Magazine about her swimwear line Daresque.

2. The Heart’s Delight shares five outfit ideas for when it’s hot as Hades. (Perfect for us Caribbean girls year-round.)

3. How Kyemah McEntyre (of prom dress fame) went from bullied teen to red carpet designer via PopSugar.


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4.  Some say contouring is out and strobing is the new in-thing. Here’s what Beyonce’s makeup artist told The Cut.

5. Y’all know I almost always include a WhoWhatWear link so here’s today’s: 7 fashion mistakes bloggers (supposedly) never make.

I hope you enjoyed these links! Have a fab, fashionable weekend.

Natasha Beckles

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