Get Your Fancy On With A F.A.N.C.Y. BIM Bag

If you need a bag to complement an outfit this Crop Over season it’s easy to  buy one from a roadside vendor or store in Bridgetown.  But chances are, you’ll go to an event and see another girl with the same thing.

We don’t want that for you. That’s why we’re talking about F.A.N.CY. BIM,  a local brand of hand-made, hand-painted bags which are very affordable. InMyWardrobe caught up with F.A.N.C.Y. BIM team member Julia Mandeville recently and she told us all about the new  brand which officially got going in April.

Fold-over Model: Zarita Browne  Ring: Carla Layne of Bijoux Angelique  Printed Pants available for purchase through fancy.bim

Bag: Sunny ‘Miami’ Model: Zarita Browne Ring: Carla Layne of Bijoux Angelique Printed Pants available for purchase through fancy.bim

With names like Cattlewash, Mullins and Sunset Over Pebbles, there’s no doubt that these bags are 100 per cent Bajan. The designs are not extremely literal, though.

“We are trying to do more abstract designs. The motivation behind the designs is everything Barbadiana but we’re not trying to be too touristy,” Julia explained as we sipped sweet treats early one afternoon in a City coffee shop.

At present the team is making about three bags in each design so if you buy one, you’ll know you have something no one else has. They also take custom orders.

“If you want something specific, you just call us, you tell us and we will find  a way to make your dream a reality,” Julia promised.

Pyramid bag

Sandy ‘Bathsheba’

Julia made it clear who these bags are targeted toward.

“A woman that  is self-assured, a woman that knows what she’s about, a woman that doesn’t necessarily need to follow a trend . . . . It’s a bag that also can be taken from day to night so  you can be at a casual event during the day, like you can be with your girlfriend having coffee or tea or whatever and then the bag can be taken to a more elegant dinner or classy event.”

Julia explained the thinking behind F.A.N.C.Y. which stands for Fashionable. Authentic. Notewothy. Chic. You.

“You can be fashionable without having to follow  the status quo, follow the trend. You still need to be you so that’s what our brand is about.

Bag: Sandy ‘Heywoods’ Model: Faith Millington Crop top: Kaynel Hurdle Ring and earrings: Carla Layne of Bijoux Angelique

The wristlets, fold-over clutches, mini clutches and cosmetic bags are available for between BDS$30 and BDS$80 Julia promises that these aren’t just introductory prices.

“We’re trying to show that we’re here to make a profit, we’re here to make a name for ourselves but we also understand that everyone can’t afford the $100, $200 bag,” she said.

You may notice that the models in the photos are wearing local designs and this wasn’t a coincidence.

“We chose to do it because we want to promote bajan products. We want to show that Barbadians are stylish, we are classy,” she pointed out.

Red Pyramid Bag

Candy ‘Bathsheba’

F.A.N.C.Y. BIM has started out with bags but there could be other things around the corner.

“We want it to be a lifestyle brand. We’re starting with bags and we’re working on other products but they’re under wraps. Right now our product line is bags. People are also asking us if  it’s possible to do items via consignment so we’re looking into doing a consignment type store as a possibility. We’re still relatively new. We’re still trying to feel out exactly where our niche is going to be but for sure, quality hand made bags, hand made, hand painted, everything dealing with Barbados ‘cause we’re stressing Barbadiana in our products.

Bag: Nature ‘Mullins’ Cosmetic Bag Model: Jasmine Evelyn Skirt and crop top made by Kaynel Hurdle.

For now the bags are only available through the company so go on and check out their website, Facebook and Instagram accounts.

Kaynel Hurdle, Kristine Bowen and Brian Mandeville make up the rest of the F.A.N.C.Y. BIM team with assistance from Ayodele Murray.


Photography: Jabari Clarke
Makeup: Kamilah Cadogan
Styling: Julia Mandeville & Kristine Bowen
Set Assistance: Brian Mandeville
Shoot location:Williams’ residence

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