5 Fashion Tips For Feting Like A Boss Lady

*The Styled for Crop Over series is your guide to dressing for the festival season. From fetes to limes and of course, Kadooment Day, we’ll help you to choose the perfect outfits and accessories.*

We kick things off with a guest post by my friend Leigh-Ann. You may know some of this stuff already, but just in case you need a reminder, we’ve got you.

DISCLAIMER:  This is for serious feters only. Posers and profilers need not scroll for more.


1. No heels, if you don’t know how to werk them! Yeah you want to look cute, but how much fun could it be to spend two to four hours wobbling on stilts? You can look just as amazing in strappy sandals or chunky wedges. I have faith in your decisions.

2. Keep materials versatile. If you are out for a full pump, finer threads and more porous materials are best. Cotton – and even cotton blends – as well as rayon and the less popular linen are good examples. Heavy and synthetic fabrics retain the heat and sweat, which gets uncomfortable after a while. You may be hot, but you don’t have to be a hot mess . . . but you know that already.

3. Strapped up? Bags with straps work better in the party, leaving your hands free to wine on the pole, wave your rag or put your hands on your knees to roll it. Also remember to keep the end of the zipper or fastener closest to your body to prevent theft.

4. Keep makeup simple but sexy. Sure, you want your face to be on the ‘beaten’ path like everyone else. Many local makeup artists are great, but perhaps choosing a lightweight look that you can dab or retouch in the port-a-potty might work better.

5. Be mindful of the time of day. Is it a sunrise party? Perhaps leave that sequined number for another event, and walk with sunglasses for the sunrise. Planning to go to an after-work lime? Check out  the upcoming blog post which will focus on choosing looks that easily transition from work to play.

BONUS:  Flaunt your fab. When you feel good, you look even better. Awesomeness comes in all styles, shapes and sizes. Wear it confidently.

Post Author: Natasha Beckles

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