Curls Nite Out -The Summer Edition

If you spend even a little time on Instagram or Facebook you’ve probably come across tons of natural hair meet-ups, usually somewhere in the States. And you’ve probably wished you could attend so you could chat with fellow curlies and admire all the different textures and styles that make up the natural hair community.  Or at least you wished we could have more events like that in Barbados. Well I have the summer event for you!

Curls Nite Out

I was pretty excited when I heard about this event so I had to find out more and share the info with you. I had a chat with Alison, the organiser. Here’s what I found out about the event which will be held at the Soroptimist Activities Centre, Eden Lodge, St Michael.

She explained why she came up with the idea to stage Curls Nite Out.

“I always had the basic idea for an informal, girlie, evening of fun, education and socialising for natural haired women in Barbados, especially after hosting the Barbados Natural Hair, Health and Beauty Show. When the initial plans for our formal event, Curls and Cocktails, fell through, I postponed but I couldn’t leave these ladies without a summer event. So . . . Curls Nite Out was born.”

I asked about what we can expect on the night and the line-up is pretty awesome. There will be presentations by natural hair stylists and an image consultant as well makeup tutorials. If that weren’t enough, attendees will also hear from finance and fitness experts. There will also be pop-up shops and yummy treats on sale including healthy fruit juices and JEMS Gourmet Chocolates.

It’s obviously not just about hair and I asked Alison why.

“Anyone on this natural hair journey knows it a holistic journey. You may find yourself changing your diet to have a better impact on your hair.  If you recently big chopped maybe you want help dressing or styling for your new cut. We want to provide that. Maybe you find that wearing your makeup in a different way, makes you more confident with your new chop.  And we’re women. Who doesn’t love to shop?  Also these are some amazing entrepreneurs building amazing brands and businesses I thought these ladies should know about!

I also asked what she hoped women would take away from the event.

I hope they will leave knowing, first, that they are not alone on this journey; that they feel more confident and proud of their choice. I hope this event undoes some of the teaching that we are not good enough because of whatever. There are thousands of different species of flowers, and they all wear their petals with pride. That’s what I want for these ladies.

I had one final question: More and more Barbadian women are saying no to relaxers but there’s still resistance to natural hair in some circles. Are you satisfied with how far we’ve come?

Yes.  I am satisfied, considering how hard “they” have worked to make us believe we are less than we are.  This return to our natural hair, has moved beyond America, and England. Money makes the world go around. So to see big companies creating lines strictly for natural hair ladies says progress to me.

So there you have it ladies. InMyWardrobe will be at Curls Nite Out (with camera in hand) be sure to say hello and let me get a photo of that fab hairstyle. The dress code is dressy casual so show off that fab style as well.

To find out more about Curls Nite Out and Curls & Cocktails which is taking place on August 9, check out Barbados Natural Hair, Health and Beauty Show on Facebook.

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