Fashion in Five June 6, 2015 – Bajan/Caribbean Shout-out


Fashion in Five

Variety is the spice of life, right?  We’re doing things a little differently for today’s Fashion in Five. Instead of the usual link round-up I’m going to share five  Barbadian and Caribbean blogs/sites/social media pages that I really like. I know I’m probably missing some great ones so please feel free to mention the ones you love or even leave a link to your own page.

First up is Moden Makeup. I’ve made quite a few unnecessary purchases because of a Moden Makeup post. Heidi and Lucinda know which products are in Barbados, where to find them and most importantly, where they’re cheapest and when they’re on sale. The blog also features several honest reviews about products they’ve bought and used. What more could you want?

J. Angelique – Often when I’m scrolling through my Instagram feed I find myself stopping at a J. Angelique photo. Janelle Forde is a Bajan designer living in Trinidad and I love pretty much all of her pieces. Whether you’re hanging out by pool, jamming in a fete or working your way up the corporate ladder, there’s a J. Angelique collection for you. I definitely need to get a piece in my wardrobe. You can also visit the website.

Trinidad Lookbook– If you want to hear about up and coming Trini and Caribbean designers, fashion events and unique places to shop, this is your go-to guide. They’ll also show some of the best oufits worn by patrons at Trini parties. Basically all the fashion inspiration you need. Here’s the Facebook link.

Orange Street – Monique and Afayah are based in Jamaica and they cover fashion, food and lifestyle topics. Last Christmas they  offered an e-course on how to put together outfits for the holiday season and I find their posts on life to be quite useful and informative. They’re on Instagram as well.

Last but not least, BimROCK Magazine. I really look forward to their fashion section each month since it gives me insight into the minds of local fashion designers and  tastemakers. The layout is cool since it incorporate both traditional written articles and videos. They also cover parties, food, culture and music. I.e. all the things that make life on this rock what it is. Here’s the link to the website.

These are my five for today but I’m sure there lots more local and regional sites which need highlighting. Feel free to drop me a line.

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