What’s Under There? 5 Pairs of Panties You Need


Today I’m continuing the What’s Under There? series with a look at panties. Previous posts talked about the bras you need and how to ensure they fit right. The final post in the series will be on shapewear.

With that housekeeping out of the way, let’s get down to business.

1. Bikini cut .These are everyday underwear for many women. They’re comfortable and offer just the right amount of coverage. They’re the ones you can buy in five-packs and stash away. They have your back all day, every day.

Fruit of the Loom BikinisFruit of the Loom beyondsoft Bikini Panties $9.99 for five, Target

If you want  more excitement, string bikinis have much smaller sides and therefore a higher cut which allows you to show a little more skin.

Vanity Fair Illumination String Bikini

Vanity Fair Illumination String bikini $11 barenecessities.com

2. Cheeksters/ cheekies. These have been made popular by Victoria’s Secret and as they name suggests, they show more cheek than a bikini cut. They’re playful and fun  but never extreme. Victoria's Secret Chantilly lace cheeky panty

Victoria’s Secret Chantilly Lace Cheeky Panty $14:50

Apparently cheekies and cheeksters weren’t enough because VS now sell “cheekinis” which I’m guessing is a bikini-cheeky hybrid. Some cheek … but not too much.

Victoria's Secret lace waist Cheekini Panty

Victoria’s Secret Lace Waist Cheekini Panty $10:50

3. Thongs. We’ve ventured out of safe territory now and women tend to either love or hate thongs. They’re great for avoiding panty lines but they’re not very comfortable for many women. They’re also great for those occasions when you have plans and you KNOW you won’t be wearing them for long.

If you’re intentions are noble, some offer quite a bit of coverage at the front before tapering off in the back.

New Look Large Neon Daisy Thong

New Look Neon Daisy Thong £5.99 asos.com

If you have other goals in mind, then you may want something that’s barely there. (There’s no shame in that.)

Asos Millie Corded Lace Thong

Asos Millie Corded Lace Thong £8.00 asos.com

4. If you abhor visible panty lines and thongs equally, seamless panties are your solution.  They actually come in a range of cuts from thongs to boyshorts so somewhere in there you should find one you like.

Calvin Klein Concept Seamless Bikini

Calvin Klein Concept Seamless Bikini $12 barenecessities.com

Wacoal edge wise hipster seamless

Wacoal Edge Wise Hipster$15 freshpair.com

5. Boyshorts. Rocking a mini skirt? Lounging at home in “dress” that’s really a shirt?  These are just some of the occasions when boyshorts come in handy. They offer lots of coverage, lots of comfort and can be worn under virtually anything.

Seamless Heathered Boyshorts

Seamless Heathered Boyshorts $4.90 forever21.com

Hanes tagless cotton boy briefs

Hanes Tagless Cotton Boy Briefs $10 hanes.com

Now let’s have some girl talk. Are you loyal to one cut, brand or store? Do you love a style that other women tend to hate? Leave your comments below. Also let me know if you have any questions about shapewear ahead of that post. You can reach me at natasha@inmywardrobebarbados.com.

Natasha Beckles

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