What’s Under There? Eight Types of Bras You Need


Very often when we think of what to wear, underwear is an afterthought.  We’ve all bought an outfit and then realised we didn’t have the  correct bra or panties to wear with it. But as with most things, a little preparation can keep us off the radar of the fashion police.

Today we’ll look at eight types of bras. Next time, we’ll talk panties.

So take a read and look at some options you can buy right now. Many of the sites ship worldwide so if you’re in the Caribbean you can either order or make a list for the next time you travel.

1. T-shirt bras: These are your everyday, comfy, go-to bras that work under almost anything you’re likely to wear on a daily basis. The’y’re smooth and won’t show through even under fitted tops.

Triumph Magic Wire T-shirt bra. http://bit.ly/1BfQw8E

Triumph Magic Wire T-shirt bra. $50

Icon Bare stretch-satin underwired bra. http://bit.ly/1zFia8n

Icon Bare stretch-satin underwired bra.  $40


2. Push-up bras: The saviour of those of us who are small-busted or those who just like the extra lift. If you don’t have perfect cleavage, they help you out and even add a couple sizes.

Victoria's Secret cutout push-up bra. http://bit.ly/1zgGVbP

Victoria’s Secret cutout push-up bra. $59.50 to $62

Bridget Long-Line Push-up bra. http://on.ae.com/1Ey3Wug

Bridget Long-Line Push-up bra.  $34.95

3. Balconette or demi-bras: These generally provide a natural lift but they’re sexier than the T-shirt bra since they create some cleavage. And they also look prettier! The wide-set straps make them perfect for tops with a similar neckline or just a lower cut.

Topshop satin balconette bra. http://bit.ly/1zFeS51

  Topshop satin balconette bra.  £20

Third Love lace balconette bra. http://bit.ly/1Ji7ffS

 Third Love lace balconette bra. $49

 4. Sports bra. If shopping isn’t your only cardio, you’ll need some extra support when you’re exercising. Racerbacks are supposed to provide lots of support and reduce bounce but  shop around to see what works best for you.

Victoria's Secret seamless reversible sports bra. http://bit.ly/1L0VnMG

Victoria’s Secret seamless reversible sports bra.  $32.50

Free People Printed Sunray Back sports bra. http://bit.ly/17CcaYd

Free People Printed Sunray Back sports bra. $65

5. Bralettes: If you have a small bust and don’t need a lot of support these are ideal. They’re cute and they’re great for lounging  around the house since there’s no underwire to make you uncomfortable.

Journell Cobalt Kaleidoscope bralette. http://bit.ly/1zgIMNP

Journell Cobalt Kaleidoscope bralette.  $40.50

Free People triangle bralette. http://bit.ly/1AEXuTi

Free People triangle bralette. $28

6. Bandeau bras: These are another comfy option which don’t offer much shape of support. They’re great if you don’t feel like wearing an actual bra but you need that extra layer under your clothes. Also, great for making a low cut top a bit more conservative; no one will know it isn’t a camisole.

 Forever 21 Bandeau bra. $4.80

H&M Bandeau bra. $12.95

7. Convertible bras: Whether it’s just that the straps can be removed or they come with halter, criss-cross and low back straps, you’ll need these offer the versatility you need for more risque outfits. And they leave you with no excuse for unsightly exposed bra straps.

Stella McCartney smooth strapless bra. $65

Forever 21 lace trimmed convertible bra. http://bit.ly/1Fettwh

Forever 21 lace trimmed convertible bra. $9.90

8. Plunge bras: They’re sexy and ideal for tops and dresses with a deep V neckline. Many are also push-up bras so they’ll serve two functions.

Marie Melli sweetheart deep plunge. http://bit.ly/1yGVYKE

Marie Melli sweetheart deep plunge.  £20

American Eagle vintage lace plunge/push-up. http://on.ae.com/17Cb6DV

American Eagle vintage lace plunge/push up. $49.95

Did I leave out your favourite bra? Would you be interested in a post on making sure your bra fits right?  Let me know in the comments.




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