7 Steps to Getting Started with Makeup

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Thinking back on my totally clueless makeup years I remember feeling like getting “all made up” seemed like a lot of hassle. I am the epitome of low maintenance so that never appealed to me. I slowly crept into this magical world of transformation – while initially overwhelming – and truly came to appreciate the creativity behind it all.

If you’re just starting out and finding it all a little daunting I hope this helps.

Bare Minimum For A Beginner

  1. Hydrate/Moisturize

Bet you thought it was foundation huh?  Nope. The most pivotal step to ensuring easy makeup application is a hydrated well moisturized face. That means: drink plenty of water and use a moisturizer suitable for your skin type. You can view my recommendations here.

  1. Frame Your Face

Eyebrows. There’s something about  a well-defined eyebrow that makes any look, no matter how simple, automatically look more glam. I suggest letting a professional shape your brows. This will; a) take the hassle out of trying yourself to find the best shape and, b) make them way easier to maintain in between appointments. I get mine waxed at Strands Hair and Nail Studio (436-8227) and have never been dissatisfied with the outcome.

  1. Tools

    Brush display in Get Set

    e.l.f brushes in Get Set, Wildey.

This is the one area where I believe spending a bit is totally worth it. Quality brushes will last you a good couple years; it’s an investment. Thankfully you don’t have to do it all at once. If you’re on a tight budget, e.l.f has some nice ones in their Studio range that get the job done. e.l.f can be found locally at all iMart locations, Rubis Sunset Crest and Get Set in Wildey. One tool I recommend you dish out the money on right away though is The Beauty Blender.

  1. Get The Right Match
Foundation Display in MAC Broad Street

MAC foundations in Cave Shepherd, Broad Street.


Now we get to foundation. You absolutely,  positively need to get colour matched; best to leave this to a professional. Go into M.A.C and ask for assistance.  Do not buy the foundation right away. Run some errands, take some selfies, sweat a little. You need to make sure it matches the centre of your chest in daylight. If the price isn’t an issue you can return to the M.A.C counter and purchase one. I recommend black|Up Mattfying Fluid Foundation but that’s also up there in price.

Loreal true match display in Collins

Loreal True Match foundation in Collins

If you’re a frugalista try to find the best shade from the Revlon ColorStay, L’Oreal True Match or Maybelline Fit Me  range. Make sure to get the accompanying powder to set your liquid foundation. In this Barbados heat, everybody could use some setting powder.

  1. Bring it To Life

The right shade of foundation should unify your complexion. If you take a look at your bare face in the mirror you’ll see that it has dimension. So that’s what you’ll have to add back – so you won’t look like a mannequin. For beginners I think a blush with a subtle glow is the most cost effective way to do this. Adequately blended they also give a highlighted effect to the skin. I recommend the Milani Baked Blushes  or the Maybelline Master Hi-Light ones.

6.  Lashes Baby!

Mascara is the cheapest (sometimes), easiest way to make you look more perked up. A good mascara instantly gives the appearance of fuller eyes which makes you look more awake and vibrant. For budget beauties I recommend ones from Maybelline.

  1. Pretty That Pout

Women who don’t even wear makeup still appreciate a good lipstick or gloss. There’s just something about finding the right shade for you that gives that Kanye confidence boost. Thankfully, there are many options to choose from so it all depends on what finish you like – matte versus glossy. If you prefer just a wash of colour on your lips I recommend the NYX Butter Glosses.

Of course this is an oversimplified list but I hope it makes your beginner steps a lil less shaky. Feel free to shoot me any queries via lucinda@modenmakeup.com.

Yours in Beauty,


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