Why an Image Consultant Could Change Your Life

It’s that time of year when many of us either make resolutions or simply hope and plan for a better year. Whether it’s our relationships, finances, careers or education, most of us have hopes and dreams we want to achieve.

 In addition to those goals, some of us also want to improve the way we look, dress and feel about ourselves on a daily basis; our image. That’s why I thought it would be appropriate to kick off this year’s posts with a chat with Barbadian Image Consultant Jalisia Boxill of Royal Impressions.

jalisia boxill

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First I asked her to tell me a bit about the company.

 “We are a company that caters to and helps with the personal development of an individual. Through the areas of: Fashion/Image Consultancy, Etiquette and Lifestyle Coaching. Our mission statement is to revolutionize and inspire the minds of all we encounter; invoke the change we want to see in the world today and cause people to feel authentically good about themselves. “

“Royal Impressions has a lot to do with a way of living. The essence of a true woman (Queen) or man (King); the epitome of who you are; the personification of class; embodiment of royalty.”

Why the emphasis on royalty? Well, it’s based on 1 Peter 2:9:  But you are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, God’s special possession, that you may declare the praises of him who called you out of darkness into his wonderful light. 1 Peter 2:9

Then we got to talking about what an image consultant does.

“ILove your Image Consultantn essence we help people understand which colours and styles suit them, but what we actually do is give people confidence taking them on a journey of self-discovery. They will look and feel fantastic as they gain motivation and inspiration as well as a personal, workable and versatile wardrobe. We should be able to offer a client body  and colour analysis; skincare and make-up advice; face structure analysis; women’s style consultations; men’s style consultations; wardrobe developing sessions and personal shopping trips.”

Unsure about  body analysis or colour analysis? Body analysis helps you to determine what body type you have and which style of clothing works best for you.  Colour analysis looks at your “colour season” and which colours work best for you as a result.

“There are two tones to each season: warm or cool. For example, Warm Autumn and Cool Autumn,” Jalisia explained.

Royal Impressions also addresses corporate image, training staff on professional workplace behaviour, speech and conduct as well as protocol and etiquette. They also host “motivational consultations” and events like The Beauty Box and Girls’ Night Out.

I asked Jalisia why women and men should consider using the services of an image consultant.

“Many times people don’t understand our duties so therefore they don’t see the vast need for them. We contribute tremendously to the lifestyle of an individual causing them to truly embrace their worth; focus on things that are important to their livelihood.  Looking good always makes you feel great. If you can find someone who can show you the power of a healthy image and how many doors it can open for you, why not take the journey? Society is guided by image, there is always an image attached to something. Knowing that you project your best image is so self-fulfilling and empowering.”

Then we got down to the nitty-gritty. Many of us have a closet full of clothes but often feel like we have nothing to wear. How can women go about making the most of what they already own?

“We always have something to wear. This is another important factor in why an image consultant can be essential to your life. We can help/teach you how to shop for every occasion and which clothes are better for which event. Remember image is everything and you want to project the best one possible.  

“At Royal Impressions we have a sessions called “Redefining – Something old into something New”. These sessions teaches the woman how to shop smartly, thus efficiently. We reveal the many secrets within your clothing, showing you the right styling trick/tip and techniques to reveal a whole new outfit: how to wear a skirt 5 different ways; how to turn a pants into a skirt. This is definitely a session that women enjoy and it’s very resourceful to the pocket!

Love your image consultant 1

What about when we’re on our own and still shopping for a “royal” look? Different women will need different things depending on their lifestyle and the image they want to project but Jalisia stressed the importance of proper underwear and versatile accessories.

“Purchase black or nude underwear of every kind. See your underwear as a part of your outfit and your image. The right accessories can go a long way, a gold chain and pearls are easy, efficient and resourceful must-haves.”

You know we had to talk more about wardrobe essentials.

“Every woman should own a black pencil skirt (cotton fabric) and a white long sleeve blouse. You always want to ensure that you have decent or professional attire always.

Shoe essentials: Flat black enclosed shoes and kitten heels, not only stilettos.

Make up essentials:  A good foundation and powder.

I asked Jalisia about her fashion pet peeves and in addition to women wearing the wrong underwear, she also identified make-up that isn’t appropriate for the outfit or event: “Barbados has too many beautiful make-up artists for this to be happening” and poor conduct in a good outfit: “It is important to portray the image you are styled as”.

As our chat winded down, Jalisia gave her assessment of how Bajan women are embracing personal style these days.

“I find that a lot of women are truly opening up and becoming very expressive with their styling. Personality truly seems to be taking over; I would love to see a lot more regal women evolving. I also love the fact that so many women are becoming accepting of their natural hair as well as opening up to make-up.”

Love your image consultant 2

Finally, I asked Jalisia to give us some tips on how to make 2015 our most stylish year.

“When you discover who you are and which image platform you wish to thrive on, you will always be stylish. A confident woman, who understands who she is, always is the most attractive woman. You cannot develop a healthy image without first discovering you.

 Who do you want to be?

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?Sum up the woman or man that you are using 5 adjectives?

These are definitely things to ponder on to help you be authentically stylish in 2015. This goes beyond being fashionable, but it becomes a lifestyle!

Interested in hearing more and want  to contact Royal Impressions? Here’s the info you need:

Facebook: Royal Impressions

Instagram: @royalimpressions

Phone: 1246-824-0814

Email: royalimpressionsri@gmail.com


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