Pomp Wknd 2014: Part 2

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Think you could go a whole year wearing only Barbadian-designed and made clothing?

I know I could after the 2014 Pomp Wknd Fashion Show.  Whether your style is casual and relaxed or you like to make a statement even on the beach, there was literally something for everyone and every occasion. Swimsuits, casual wear, work attire, formal gowns and even bridal wear were showcased.

It was proof that you can have pretty much anything designed in Barbados because we have a wealth of talent just waiting to be channelled in the right direction. I was particularly pleased to hear that some of the pieces will be featured in a look book and made available for order. I don’t know about you but I would totally welcome more local work into my wardrobe.

It’s hard to choose favourites from the show as each designer brought a unique perspective, incorporating trends with their own voice.  That being said, I was impressed with the work of the Samuel Jackman Prescod Polytechnic students.  That collaboration between several design students catered to almost every event a woman would have to attend. They even threw in a couple pieces for the men  even though the collection was based on The Caribbean Woman. There was a sense of that easy going nature we’re known for in this part of the world, but the collection also included some office-appropriate dresses.

The Caribbean Woman by SJPP (8) The Caribbean Woman by SJPP (9) The Caribbean Woman by SJPP (18) The Caribbean Woman by SJPP (1) The Caribbean Woman by SJPP (16)

Another collection I really liked was that by Ni-Kiya  Alleyne. It was fierce! Black and white fabrics, leather details, black boots including some over-the-knee and bared midriffs made it clear that this designer was not playing it safe. These looks were daring and they made the audience sit up and take notice.

Be Inspired by Ni-Kiya (5) Be Inspired by Ni-Kiya (6) Be Inspired by Ni-Kiya (3)Be Inspired by Ni-Kiya (2)

Pink Lemonade has become synonymous with vibrant colours and flowing designs that move well on the runway and seem easy to wear in real life. And that was exactly what designer Rotchelle Parris showcased on the lawns of Pure Ocean Restaurant. On a night when there was a lot of black and white, her pieces were even more impactful.

Pink Lemonade (1) Pink Lemonade (3) Pink Lemonade (6) Pink Lemonade (8)

Since we’re talking about carefree designs, Nu 2 U Vintage Boutique’s designs were also chic but relaxed and ideal for those occasions when you want to be comfortable but still stylish and classy. It was influenced by another era but executed in a very modern way.

Vintage Summer by Nu 2 U Vintage Boutique (2) Vintage Summer by Nu 2 U (3) Vintage Summer by Nu 2 U (4) Vintage Summer by Nu 2 U (5)

Finally, we live on an island so, of course, there were several designs to choose from. Black and white got lots of love!

Alexis Campbell

Alexis Campbell

Aria (4)


Constructing Dreams by Sunshine (7)

Constructing Dreams by Sunshine

Daresque (10)

Designer Latoya Daniel and Daresque.


I could go on but I’m going to end here. Lots more photos will be posted on the InMyWardrobe Facebook page.

I hear plans are already in place for next year’s event and I can’t wait!

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