BB Fashion Week: Night 1

BBFW night 1

Hilton Barbados was the scene of BB Fashion Week’s local and regional showcase on Saturday night.

Four designers showed but to me the night belonged to ByCarlori, the work of Barbadian Mission Catwalk contestant Carla Gittens. Her garments featured big bold details including bows and flowers and some silhouettes commanded attention on the runway. If you don’t like people staring at you, then Carla’s clothes aren’t for you. But if you like the spotlight, most pieces seemed light and wearable even if bold.

Carlori 22JPG
Nation Carlori Nation Carlori 72

Nation Carlori 3

It was pleasure watching Haitian-born Charles Corvsky Dieujuste’s pieces move on the runway. So easy! And the pairing of full skirts with crisp blazers was very impactful. His use of white and bold colours was also perfect for the Caribbean woman.

Charles 10 Charles 9 Charles Corvsky Dieujuste Charles Corsvsky Dieujuste Charles Corvsky Dieujuste

This was my second time viewing Ling Ling by Jacqueline Benn Schuppe and I loved it all over again. I won’t go over my views on her use of denim and white cotton again. You can view that here.

Ling Ling10 Ling Ling 9 Ling Ling 2

Ling Ling by Jacqueline Benn Schuppe  Ling Ling  Ling Ling by Jacqueline Benn Schuppe

And finally, Jewellery by Antonia. Some of the pieces were unique and I would like to get a closer look at them but I didn’t find the collection totally cohesive. It was a commendable effor  BUT, yes a huge but, I was distracted by several models trying their best not to have their dress ride up to their waists!

I’m sure these girls knew a model shouldn’t be pulling and tugging at her clothing but they had no choice as the dresses were simply too short and too clingy to walk any distance in. I’m also sure it was a learning experience and the designer will choose more appropriate clothing next time.

Jewellery by Antonia Jewellery by Antonia 5 Jewellery by Antonia 4 Jewellery by Antonia 3 Jewellery by Antonia 2

So that was night one. I’ll review the second night’s runway action then do an overall recap of the entire event.

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