Review: Why I’m a Jolie Lipsticks Fan

Jolie lipsticks

From the bottom going clockwise:Merlot,Pink Pizzazz, Tequila Sunrise, Matte Raspeberry and Au Naturel.

I recently bought these lipsticks from Jolie Beauty and Cosmetics which is Barbadian brand. I already owned their Flaming Fuchsia lipstick and a few glosses so I was extremely happy for  the opportunity to order five new ones.

Flaming Fuchsia was my go-to colour, especially for days when I was going on camera. It’s a really nice satin finish that lasts for the entire day with minimal need for touch-ups.

Flaming Fuchsia. (Photo compliments Nu Visual Media.)

But now I have lots of options . . . and maybe a new favourite.

Jolie lipsticks

Matte Raspberry, Pink Pizzazz, Merlot

Matte Raspberry (at left) was awesome and may be my new favourite. Since it’s matter you do need to apply a lip balm first to avoid dryness but it stayed put well after lunch. And the colour is a real mood booster.

Pink Pizzazz (top right) is much creamier and really easy to apply. I think I did a little touch-up to keep the colour popping but it definitely didn’t disappear completely like some lipsticks do. It’s a nice easy everyday lip colour.

What I like about Merlot (bottom right) is that it’s very buildable. So I can do a light coat during the day, then make it darker for a night out instead of having to switch colours completely.

Tequila Sunrise, Au Naturel

Tequila Sunrise (left) is quite matte so it also has lots of staying power. It’s my first foray into orange lipstick and I quite like it. It also goes well with Jolie’s Grenadine blush.

At first I didn’t really like Au Naturel (right). I thought it looked a little too washed out on my complexion so I topped it off with Revlon Super Lustrous lipstick in Rich Girl Red. It’s super sheer on its own but it adds just enough colour to make the Jolie one right for me.

And that’s it! You can share your favourite lipstick brands in the comments and if you need to contact Jolie, you can find them here.

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