[Outfit post] A Couple of My Favourite Things

office fashion and jazzy geos

These are my favourite pants ever. As in I’m gonna stockpile them whenever I visit Old Navy again. Yes, it’s that serious.
anne klein bag

I ordered them from Old Navy a while back because I’ve never had printed pants that were work appropriate and these seem to fit the bill. And I couldn’t be happier when they arrived. They have just the right amount of stretch and they fit like a dream. They’re called Pixie skinny pants and you can find them here.

old navy pixie pants

This time I paired them with an ordinary button up shirt and my favourite bag for now”. She was an impulse buy. I went in Cave Shepherd to “look and see what they have” and ended up not being able to say no to this Anne Klein Jazzy Geos satchel. It’s smaller than most of my other bags but once I leave out the non-essentials, it’s perfect. Plus it’s a great conversation starter. If you’re not in Barbados, Macy’s has them here.

anne klein jazzy geos

The shoes are from Payless. I was looking for them online so I could provide a link but I don’t see them there.

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