Fashion Lessons From Beyonce: What to Wear When Running Errands

It’s a Saturday morning and you have to head into the city to do some shopping and run some errands. What do you wear?  Jeans and a tank top may be your usual uniform but there’s no rule that says only celebs like Beyonce can look fabulous while carrying out mundane tasks.

Beyonce running errands

You need a few items that are stylish but comfortable.

1. A dress in a fun, attention grabbing print

2. Shoes that won’t hurt your feet… and that you can slip off easily if you want to try another pair.

3. A big bag with a shoulder strap so you can get all your new purchases home without looking too much like a bag lady.

4.  A coat to keep you warm depending on where you live and what the weather’s like. We Caribbean girls get to show off the dress in its entirety 🙂

5. Sunglasses that not only make a statement but protect your eyes from the sun.

Heading to town

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What your go-to heading to town look? Drop me a line in the comments!

Post Author: Natasha Beckles

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2 thoughts on “Fashion Lessons From Beyonce: What to Wear When Running Errands

    Da Director

    (April 19, 2014 - 10:36 am)

    What’s Jay wearing?


      (April 20, 2014 - 10:25 am)

      Who knows? He was already cropped out when I found the pic.

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