5 Fashion Lessons from Lupita Nyong’o

We’ve all been watching Lupita Nyong’o slay red carpets over the past few months. No matter what she’s wearing, she makes it look effortless and I’m yet to see a dress that was wearing her.

I think there’s a lot we can learn from Lupita. Too often I see women fighting a battle with their clothes; either having to constantly pull down or pull up a hem or neckline or just looking too uncomfortable to really pull off whatever look they were going for. Not cute!

Here are five fashion lessons from Lupita:

1. Wear what you love but  show some variety. Lupita clearly likes showing some skin on top but she finds several ways to do it. So while it’s one of her signature looks, it never gets boring.

P.S. If you’re flat-chested, you can pull off some things that other girls may be a little hesitant to wear.

Lupita Nyong'o, cut outs

 2. Don’t be afraid of colour. No matter what your skin tone, there are colours out there that are perfect for you. Find them. Lupita has rocked neutrals sometimes but these bright colours are probably what people remember most. Sometimes you just gotta go bold or go home!

go bright

3. Prints! Whether subtle or bold they add a freshness that solids just can’t achieve. And sure, you can wear floral or stripes but it’s more fashion forward to go for something unusual. That blue dress in the middle? Gorgeous!

go graphic

4. Have a few classic colours and silhouettes in your wardrobe. It’s great to experiment but sometimes, you just want to stick to what you know, like a faux wrap dress or shades of grey. Simple dresses (or jumpsuits) give you leeway to play up your accessories. Peep those pumps in the middle photo.

stick to classic

5. Finally, be open to different styles.  As you can see, Lupita wears all colours of the rainbow; she rocks solids as well as prints. And while she shows a preference for pointy toe pumps, she can do an open toe as well.

So tell me, are you good at mixing it up or do stick to a few things you you do well?



Natasha Beckles

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