How To Be Stylish On A Budget

Most of us can’t afford either the quality or the quantity of clothes and accessories that we would ideally like. You may think this means your style can’t be on point but this isn’t the case. You can indeed be stylish on a budget.

If you learn a few tricks, no one will ever know just how much your pieces cost. All they’ll know is that you’re totally rocking that outfit.

1. Replace those plastic buttons that just scream cheap.  It won’t cost much to buy some prettier ones from any store which sells sewing supplies. Watch how your garment will instantly look more luxurious.

2.  Leave out fancy embellishments. Sequins, studs, chains and other add-ons can usually be a disaster on budget items. They have a tendency to fall off or tarnish. It’s better to buy simple pieces without too much hardware.

3. Find a good tailor/seamstress or learn a few of their skills so you can alter your clothing. Who cares how much your garment costs if it fits you perfectly?

4. Take care of the clothes and shoes you already have. Get your shoes reheeled when they start showing signs of damage. It’s way cheaper than throwing them away and buying a new pair. For clothing, read the washing and ironing instructions and actually follow them. This will go a long way in helping them to keep their colour and shape AND prevent you from burning a hole in your favourite jacket.

Get tips on how to keep your costume jewellery from tarnishing.

5. Learn to shop the sale racks like a pro. Get all the details in this post on how to be sales savvy.

Drop me a line in the comments and let me know how you look your best even when you don’t have a lot to spend.

Natasha Beckles

Natasha Beckles is a freelance copyeditor, writer and content creator. She has over a decade's experience in both traditional and online media. In addition to blogging about fashion and travel, she uses the written word to help brands and individuals tell their unique stories.

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