Go for the Gold (Dress) This Old Year’s

(I was tempted to say New Year’s but in Barbados we call it Old Year’s.)

Anyway, Christmas Day and the mad shopping rush have come and gone and the big night is approaching. Black or black and white have always been the things to wear when saying goodbye to one year and welcoming another.

However, I want to suggest consider a gold or black and gold number to add some sparkle this year. Several celebrities have tried the gold and black look which looks great on just about every skin tone.

celebs in gold

But let’s use our girl Kerry Washington for a little inspiration.  A dress very similar to the one she is wearing is still available at Nordstrom. You can pair it with brightly coloured shoes instead of the more traditional, and expected, black or gold. Kerry went with a multicoloured pair but a plain red will also make statement.

Gold dresses for new years

If your party is less formal and more fun turn up the glitz and go for even more gold. Since the other two Topshop dresses make such a strong statement, try either simple black pumps (with a gold cap toe if you wish) or strappy gold and black sandals.

gold and black shoes

No matter which dress and shoes you choose, you can’t go wrong with a simple gold clutch and minimal accessories to finish off the look.

*In my next post I’ll look at some options for more casual outings.*

Natasha Beckles

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