4 Fashionable Ways to be Patriotic This November

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It’s November and that means it’s Independence month in Barbados. We will celebrate our 47th anniversary as a nation on November 30th and I got to thinking about some of the ways we can fashionably show our patriotism.


KISS Urban ready-to-wear

1. Rock the ultramarine, gold and black or the blue, yellow and black as we put it. Last year, I gave you three suggestions on how to do this without looking corny… and without wearing a yellow T-shirt and blue jeans. Seriously. Just don’t!
Also consider accessories like jewellery, belts and headscarves to give a subtle nod to our national colours.

Concert 43

LindaBelle Creations

2. Buy from local fashion designers. Sure, it may be cheaper to buy the mass-produced stuff but you know exactly where your money is going when you buy local. Do it whenever you can but there’s no better time to start than this month. Check out KISS + GIRL’s 246 capsule collection here or take your own ideas to Kadburry Designs and have something made just for you.

Makossa by Angelique Jewellery

3. Support local jewellery designers. This is is a great way to get one of a kind items and once again, support your own. Azipho’s Creations and Tiyi by Design are two that come to mind but pay a visit to Pelican Village and see what else catches your eye.


4. Finally, put on your favourite outfit (extra points if it’s local) and play tourist on this beautiful island of ours. Too often we get caught up in our everyday lives and problems and forget just how breathtaking this little rock is. Get out and explore. Snap some photos and have some fun!

Comment and let me know how you’re showing your love for Barbados this November.

Natasha Beckles

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