This is so me! Rihanna’s Third Collection for River Island

Rihanna’s third and final collection for River Island goes on sale in selected stores and online tomorrow. However, pieces have been available for pre-order and a few have already sold out online.

This collection is quite sleek with lots of black and some gold as well a red tartan and a few dashes of floral print. Midi skirts and maxi dresses give it a mostly elegant feel but in true RiRi style, there are some tomboyish bomber jackets and denim jumpsuits. Of course, there are crop tops too.

Here are some of my favourite pieces:

leather skirt racer front dress

tartan crop top tuxedo dress velvet playsuit beaded midi dress

patent stilettos maxi dress gold pencil skirt floral velvet pants

gold tuxedo dress

I think this is my favourite collection to date since it’s the one that fits my personal style the closest.The boots from the first collection will always have a place in my heart though. My views on the previous collections are available here and here.

Natasha Beckles

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