Bridgetown Barbados Fashion Week: Second Night

On the first night of BBFW Kesia Estwick was clearly the best on the runway but on the second night she had tough competition. The young Barbadian designer produced another commendable showing with KISS Urban ready to wear but her regional counterparts were also on their A game. KISS was full of youthful attitude and once again, Kesia’s garments were interesting to look at from every angle.




But my favourite on the night was probably Daww Creations of Trinidad and Tobago who presented a menswear line that I simply couldn’t get enough of. The use of layers, textures and prints really caught my eye and it was clear the designer paid attention to all the details.

Daww 6 Daww 5 Daww 4 Daww 3 Daww2
Daww 8

I also loved Anthony Redd Fashion House of Trinidad and Tobago’s line especially the pieces for women. It was classy, sexy and very daring in some cases and I would wear most of the pieces.The menswear wasn’t a favourite of mine although the styling was quite interesting.

Anthony Red 6

Anthony Red 5

Anthony Red 4

Anthony Red 3

Anthony Red 2

Anthony Red 1

Anthony Red 7

Kymistic Designs of St Vincent and the Grenadines showcased a colourful, easy to wear collection which was full of movement. If a collection said “Caribbean” it was this one. Not in that fake, “tropical” way that you see sometimes when people try to reflect this region. It was the kind of thing a Caribbean woman could naturally like but which any woman from anywhere in the world could also identify with for Spring/Summer.
Kymistic 2
Kymistic 3

Kymistic 7




Kymistic 5

Also very Caribbean was Sea Reinas swimwear of Barbados which presented a line of both one and two pieces. The bows and frills on the swimwear and the bows on the shoes made for quite a cute picture.

Sea Reinas2

Sea Reinas 7

Sea Reinas 8

Sea Reinas 6

Sea Reinas 4

Sea Reinas5

This Caribbean Fiesta night was my favourite as the standard of work was quite high. Tonight is international night though so I may very have a new favourite by the time I post again.

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