Bridgetown Barbados Fashion Week: First Night

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Bridgetown Barbados Fashion Week 2013 began last night with four Barbadian designers showing in Independence Square. For those of us who braved the rain and cold (by Bajan standards), Kesia Estwick stood out. She presented a Spring/Summer 2014 collection that ranged from sheer, breezy white casuals and billowing florals to more formal oxblood and black gowns. What I particularly liked about her pieces was that they were interesting from every angle. They looked good coming down the runway, you caught details on the turn, and the backs of the garments were in some cases almost as exciting as the front. Not every designer can achieve this.

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new kesia

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I have long been a fan of Shanika Burnett and I was eager to see her Shakad Luxury Resort line. I wasn’t disappointed. I’d gotten accustomed to her colourful tie-dyed and handpainted work and while this collection was more subdued, it also showcased her range as a designer. She was the only designer to showcase menswear on the first night.

shakad 5

shakad 2

shakad 6

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shakad 8

shakad 9shakad 1

Rhea Cummings-Jordan presented a fun, girly collection for her BBFW debut of Aria Urban Fashions. Picture lots of colour, pink bows at the ends of braids, models blowing bubbles, popping bubblegum and playing with swingy skirts.

rhea 1 rhea 2

rhea 3

rhea 7


Rhea 8

Also showing was Rozana Moseley of La Rosa Couture with her plus sized line.
rozana 2 rozana 4 rozana 5 rozana 6

Overall, it was a good showing and these young designers can only get better.

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  1. sooofabulous says:

    Enjoyed your coverage on BB Fashion Week. Great way for me to catch up with what’s happening in Barbados! Thank you!

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