5 Dresses He’s Sure to Love

  • Elegant Dress
    The Elegant Dress. Maybe you’re accompanying him to his office party or he’s your date for the corporate get-together at the end of the year in your industry. Balance sexy with classy and he’ll be proud to have you on his arm while you show off your after hours style.
  • Head turning dress
    The Head Turning Dress. This is the one that makes the men jealous of him and the girls jealous of your wardrobe. It’s the one that was impressive on the rack and even more impressive when you tried it on. It’ll probably be his favorite dress in your closet. It’s sexy but it doesn’t need to border on indecent.
  • Little Black Dress
    The Timeless Little Black Dress. This is the go-to dress if an unexpected event pops up. It’s sassy but it’s simple and it can be accessorized according to the occasion. When time is of the essence, this should make choosing an outfit a little easier.
  • Meet the parents
    The Meet-His-Parents Dress. If he’s taking you home to mom and dad, he’s obviously already impressed with you. You, however, may be a little nervous about whether or not they’ll like you. They probably will after they get to know you but your outfit will help to create that critical first impression. You’ll want to look respectable and ladylike but fashionable and you still want your personality to shine through. Forget the clingy dress and opt for a comfortable, flowing, long or high/low one. His mom will probably compliment you!
  • Modest Dress
    The Modest Dress. This will come in handy for events like church services where you need to be more conservative and covered but still stylish. The hemline should reach at least to your knee and the neckline should be modest, even if it’s unconventional. He won’t have to worry about people gossiping about what you wore last Sunday.

Girls do not dress for boys. They dress for themselves and, of course, each other. If girls dressed for boys they’d just walk around naked at all time. – Betsey Johnson

It may sound funny but there’s a little, or a lot of truth to this quote.  Most of the time when we get dressed, we wear what we think looks fabulous on us or what the girls insisted we had to buy on the last shopping trip. Believe it or not, most of the time, the guys in our lives could care less what we wear. They probably wouldn’t even recognize half the pieces in our wardrobe. However, they still expect us to be on our A-game and dressed appropriately for the occasion.

I consulted with a close male friend and we came up with these five suggestions that he’ll not only remember, but love.

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Natasha Beckles

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