I Went, I Saw, I Bought: Sister Swap Barbados

The only thing I like more than buying clothes and shoes is buying them at affordable prices. I therefore don’t need to tell you how much I loved Sister Swap Barbados’ shopping event on Saturday. You might’ve read my preview in mylast post or seen me sharing it on Facebook. Now here’s the review.

Ocean 15 Hotel is a lovely location with lots of space for browsing, trying on pieces and getting opinions from other sisters. Most of the items are sorted by colour to make it easier to find just what you’re looking for. There’s only one of most items so if you don’t get there early and grab it, you may be out of luck.

shoppers shoppers 3 shoppers 2 shoes

I happened to be in luck and found these items which were just my size: Pierre Dumas shoes, Aeropostale shirt and River Island skirt that fits like a dream. All for $95. Yes, I was happy.

black shoes abercrombie shirt

The shirt has this nice button detail at the back which make it a little more interesting than the average button-up.

button detail

river island skirt

I really liked these red shoes but I couldn’t figure out where I would wear them so I let common sense guide me. I would’ve loved the brown ones but they are a size 8.

red shoes strappy sandals

If you didn’t go yesterday, don’t let next month’s event miss you. There’s a nice little cafe attached to the hotel which sells coffee, pastries, wraps, sandwiches etc. so you can make a girls’ afternoon out of it.

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