I Sorta Cheated… On My Shopping Ban

cosmetics case

If you’ve been following my Facebook page you might’ve seen that I’m on a self imposed shopping ban. It started around mid-July and it’s supposed to last for three months. That means no shoe, bag or clothing purchases and generally no non-essentials.

About a week into the ban I was struggling because everything in town suddenly looked good and I “needed” it but I quickly settled down and soon I was realizing again that most stores had the same things anyway.

The general urge to shop is still with me though.  So when I realized I was running out of a bunch of cosmetic items, I came up with an idea. Sure, I had to replace them but instead of buying the same products, I looked for products I had never tried before.

Buying “essentials” got a whole lot more exciting! If I like them I may have new staple products. If I don’t like them, I’ll just go back to my previous product afterward.

So Monday morning I paid a visit to Cave Shepherd. Here are the results:

Base and top

I initially intended to replace the Sally Hansen Continuous  Treatment Base and Top Coat with only the OPI Start to Finish but I got a little greedy and got a Revlon Quick Dry Top Coat as well. Told you I cheated . . . *slight shame and lots of excitement about the possibilities*.


I also replaced my Maybelline the Falsies Volum’ Express (which I love) with Revlon Photoready 3D Volume.

Nude polish

I always need a nude nail polish so after using Avon Nailwear Pro in Bare Necessity, I’ve moved on to OPI San Tan-Tonio.


I’ve been using Clean & Clear Morning Glow for ages but I was ready for something new. I actually haven’t used Black Opal skin care products in a long time although I use their cosmetics so we’ll see how this goes. The resurfacing and moisturizing lotion is from #1 Beauty Supply.

Ok, so now it’s time for another confession. I cheated a little more. The cosmetics case in the first photo was also part of my mini shopping adventure on Monday along with this Revlon Moon Candy polish which has been tempting me on the pages of my favourite magazines for months!
Revlon MoonCandy

Admit it… you wouldn’t be able to resist it either!

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