Black and White and Peplum Love

Do well, live well and dress REALLY well! -Unknown

kadburry designs

This outfit brings together a few of my favourite things: peplum,black and white and mixed prints. The dress was made by a Barbadian designer Kadburry Designs who you can check out here.

I’ve had it InMyWardrobe for months – I had one of those “I must have it” moments the first time I saw it – but I’d never worn it. Then Soca Titans provided the perfect opportunity.

kadburry houndstooth and snakeskin

I paired it with the pearl sandals I bought on my St Lucia trip and an orange snakeskin Bijoux Terner clutch. Seriously, mixing prints is fun! A solid bag just didn’t seem to have the same impact.

kadburry 2

You can find the rest of my print mixing exploits here.

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