Crop Over Outfit Idea: Pan Pun De Sand

In my last poston summer outfits I promised to do some Crop Over outfit ideas for my Bajan readers and any visitors who may be coming to Barbados for the festival.

I start today with three suggestions for Pan Pun De Sand which comes off next Sunday on Brandons Beach.

Pan Pun De Sand Ideas

I really wasn’t going to include a short pants example because I think that’s the most obvious thing everybody and their mother will wear. HOWEVER, I changed my mind to prove a bit of a point.

Yes, short pants are in and so are cropped tops. And yes, you’re going on the beach. But still, don’t put the two together. If the focus is on your legs, cover up a little on top. The anchor graphic on the tank top is cute for the occasion and the bow-tied sash on the shorts takes them beyond the usual denim.

With that out of the way, I would go with either a maxi or high-low skirt/dress. The maxi here is partly sheer so you won’t be too hot. And it goes well with a cropped top. The high-low skirt would be the focus with a simple white cropped tee although a plain white strappy top would also work.

I think it goes without saying that flats should be the order of the day or MAYBE a low wedge if you insist on some extra height.

And finally, have fun with your accessories!

Are you attending Pan Pun De Sand? Let me know what you plan to wear in the comments!

Natasha Beckles

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