“Summer” Outfit Planning Made Simple

The whole “summer” concept is kinda lost on us Bajan and Caribbean folk … unless you’re a student or a teacher (to a lesser extent). They actually get a decent break at this time of the year to enjoy either lots of activities, or lots of lazy beach days. But even if you don’t get a couple months’ break, there’s still a lot to do… and therefore lots of outfits to plan.

For those of us in Barbados, its Crop Over and there are tons of events to attend. If you’re lucky you may finally get to go out with that guy you’ve been eyeing or you may eventually get your super busy girlfriends together in the same place for once. You may also have graduations or weddings to attend.

No matter what you do, you will need something to wear. So here are a few suggestions for girl’s night out, date night and a formal affair.

Next post I’ll focus on Crop Over fashion for specific events:)

Girls’ Night Out

For a girls’ night out I usually think, classy and sexy but comfortable.  Get creative with coloured or patterned jeans instead of the usual blue for an update on this “wear everywhere” staple. Pair them with light comfortable blouses and your choice of heels or flats. If you want something a little more effortless, you can’t go wrong with a dress.

Girls' Night Out

Date Night

First dates are stressful enough without the added worry of thinking about what to wear. While your selection will vary depending on the location of the date and your own personal style, I am a fan of dresses. While you don’t want to look boring, you probably don’t want to come across as overly sexy either. In this case, shoes and accessories can be used to take the fab factor up a notch.

Date Night

Formal Affair

For these events, feel free to go all out. After all, most of us don’t get the opportunity to be extra glammed up very often. Again, dresses are the perfect choice for any formal affair. Whether you prefer long or short dresses is totally up to you. This is your time to shine!

Formal Affair

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