Summer Sunnies: 3 Sunglasses Trends to Try

pigeon island 72

Pigeon Island, St Lucia

Summer (or every day for us Caribbean folk) brings with it the need for a few necessities like the perfect beachwear, open-toed footwear, and of course, fashionable eye-wear.

Gone are the days when swimsuit and sandal options outnumbered those for sunglasses. Instead, there are simply too many fun and trendy options these days for protecting your eyes while still looking fly.

This year, we’ve seen sunglasses that are mirrored, embellished, translucent, animal printed, geometric, cat eyed, floral…. I could go on but I won’t. 

I think you get the idea that there is something out there for every woman. Here are three of my favourite eyewear trends:

Bright, Colourful and Unique: Do you prefer to stand out rather than blend in? If so, there are tons of colours and rarely-seen-before designs popping up.  For example, these orange and pink Oakleys or red Miu Mius if vibrant hues are your thing.

oakley frogskinMiu Miu MU 10NS

Light and Girly: Translucent frames, polka dots and floral prints speak to the softer side of many of us. There are several options to choose from in this category as well. I think the Betsey Johnson polka dots are my favourite but the blue Warby Parker and budget-friendly Pacsun florals are cute too.

Warby Parker Ellery
Betsey Johnson polka dot

With love from CA floral2

Down to Earth: Of course, there’s nothing wrong with keeping things understated sometimes. Frames in colours close to your skin tone can help to play down what may be an otherwise loud outfit. These frames are ideal for the woman who is more classic than trendy.

House of Harlow2 Rayban 2

*Post originally written for The COCO Magazine.*

Did I leave out your favourite eyewear trend? Let me know in the comments.

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