Sunshine in a Bottle: Caribbean-Inspired Nail Polishes

In my last post I wrote about adding some Caribbean style to work outfits – something I think isn’t done nearly enough.

But what about nail-polish? Should we stick to “professional” pale pinks or traditional French tips instead of embracing the vibrancy that is our region?

I know some jobs won’t allow for all the colours of the rainbow but if you can, I say go for some bright colours.

Here’s the selection I contributed to COCO Magazine a couple months ago.

*The graphic was done by the COCO team and the text is mine.*

Caribbean Inspired Nail Polish

Pantone’s Colour of the Year is ideal for the Caribbean. Emerald fingers and toes are sure to fit right in whether you’re holding a famous Caribbean rum punch or walking on a sandy beach. The shimmery and sparkly options in the Sephora kit are sure to be a hit.

But if it’s the sky and sea that catch your eye, then Essie Go Overboard will no doubt have a similar calming effect.

You also can’t go wrong with a pink-orange shade like Dior’s Sparkling Bright Colour.

A traditional pink may be more your style and that’s ok too. After all, the Caribbean can be quiet, laid back, and understated at times. Nails Inc. St James Park may tickle your fancy.

But if you really want to turn up the heat and get inspired by those gorgeous sunrises and sunsets Ciate’s Bottled Sunshine range which includes Beach Hut will have you admiring those fingers and toes all day long.

Still, with all the usual colour and excitement around you, or maybe just lots of colourful outfits, you may just wanted to keep things simple with your nails and opt for a nude. RGB has a range of nude shades, including Mink, which allow you to find the one that goes best with your skin tone.

Do you feel comfortable wearing bright polishes to your job?

Natasha Beckles

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