How To Wear Tribal Prints

Tribal print pieces

First off just let me say putting together these outfits was a lot of fun! I decided to do a post on tribal prints because of a request on InMyWardrobe’s Facebook page where I was giving tips about how to wear different prints. Unlike florals and polka dots to which we are a little more accustomed, tribal prints aren’t traditionally as popular and some people may be hesitant to try them. However, I think there’s an option for everybody and like any other print, you can choose to wear a little or a lot. As you can see in the collage above, almost every accessory or piece of clothing has been adapted to the trend.

I’ve styled three pieces.

Let’s start with the jumper which I think goes naturally with neutral everything else since its so busy.

Tribal print: neutral
Then these short pants add a touch of the print without going all in. Perfect for the girly ones among us since you still have lots of freedom with the rest of the outfit.
Tribal print: pink and girly2
Finally, option number three, classic everything else but with a printed clutch… pretty safe but definitely not boring.
Tribal print: classic3

Have you been wearing tribal prints? If you do, what are some of your styling tricks?

Natasha Beckles

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