Gladiators in Suits Can Be Fab Too! Fashion Lessons From Olivia Pope.

How we walk says everything about who we are. – Kerry Washington

Scandal fans, this one is just for you. But I’m sure other people can benefit too. After all, good outfits are good outfits, right?

I was late to the Scandal party. at first I wasn’t really sure whether I liked it but I found myself watching back to back episodes so I could catch up. Now I’m hooked. As a PR student, I found Olivia’s crisis management techniques extremely interesting. Never mind some of her methods (hopefully) aren’t used in real life. As a fashion girl and lover of office fashion her outfits spoke to me. As a woman, I loved how she was powerful and confident but still feminine. Who says gladiators in suits can’t be fab too?

I didn’t realize how much attention her wardrobe got from fans until I did a Google search in preparation for this post. One of the things that I really love is how she keeps different jackets in her office that allow her to go from “date” to “business” in seconds. That is the kind of versatility that gets me every time. As you go through the photos take note of the long necklaces and how she maintains a clean, long line with shoes that match her pants.

But first, here is a video where Kerry Washington discusses how important the outfits are to the Olivia Pope character. Prepare for Armani, Valentino and shoegasm or two.


Now on to the photos all compliments where you can find tons of Olivia’s looks from both seasons.

Peep the jackets and coats on the rack.olivia pope office

The gorgeous long necklaces.
olivia pope outfit 4

olivia pope outfit 5

The soft blouse in her signature neutral tones.
olivia pope outfit 2

The suits paired with matching heels.
olivia pope outfit 3

olivia pope outfit 1

And the bag I just happen to love.
olivia pope outfit 6

Are you as in love as I am?

Natasha Beckles

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    […] We all have our favourite TV shows. It may be because the plot keeps you at the edge of your seat, the lead character is super hot or as often happens in my case, you love the fashion. (Check out Fashion Lessons from Olivia Pope here.) […]

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