Spotted on the Web: A Fab Fall 2013 Collection from Jason Wu

Seven Deadly Sins of Office Fashion.

Today I’m on a much more positive note because I’m just captivated by Jason Wu’s showing at New York Fashion Week. When it comes to NYFW I look for what’s wearable and what will inspire regular, everyday women who won’t be able to afford what’s on the runway. For us Caribbean girls, the fur aspects of the collection may not be relevant but what I really like was how Jason sought to balance feminine with strong. The strong shoulders were dramatic:
Jason Wu 2013 look 11
Jason Wu 2013 look 10
Jason Wu 2013 look 9

But it was the more girly pieces that I could relate to especially these first two where the red simply popped.
Jason Wu 2013 look 5
Jason Wu 2013 look 6
Jason Wu 2013 look 2

Jason Wu 2013 look 1

Jason Wu 2013 look 8

Jason Wu 2013 look 7

Jason Wu 2013 look 4

Jason Wu 2013 look 3

*Photos from* Which one is your favourite?

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